Monday, February 28, 2011


I love books so much. I have more than over 300 books in my collection including cooking books, novel, crafts, motivation and of cozzzzz "Cross Stitch Book"

Last weekend, i bought new book that really useful for cross stitcher lovers... I don't know how to pronounce the book's name because actually, it is in chinese... But one thing that i really admire is the pattern inside and it's come with sewing instruction for table cloth, decoration item, curtain, beg and many more. It is really useful.

This is not for sell !!!. hahhaa... it's mine. (Susah nak cari woooo)  But, if anyone out there wants me to buy for you... No problem.. Its cost only RM 39.50 (including postage to all over Malaysia - pos ekspress yang sampul besar tu RM 4.50). But it is depends on stock available because this book shop ... mmm how to describe huh... sangat kecil dan berserabut, but like Doraemon Pocket, macam macam ada. .... Hehehhehe....



viaam said...

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Melanie said...

kak..mel nak cari cross stitch book kak leh tlg cari utk mel?maybe if kak have any idea where i can find the xsitch book like have lots n lots of pattern in there (alphabet,flowers cartoon..etc) its hard to find it in penang :-( but of course not too pricey eh...hehe

سلما للسماء said...

I love books as well .. beautiful book

Nik kamisah said...

Niza, i pun suka beli buku Cina dan Jepun ni sebab dia sertakan pattern sekali,that is why my favourite spot is Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC..but the price is not so favourable

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