Sunday, January 29, 2012

The best of Margaret Sherry - Purrfect Partners

Dear all my beloved friend,

I would like to share one of 116 chart in my new MS mag....  The Purrfect Patners.... Please click on the picture for better view.

Note:.... If you guys would like to have more chart, just let me know... (yelah kan..... kan amazon pun dah tak jual dah.....)


Saturday, January 28, 2012

The best of Margaret Sherry

From October until today..... Wow it's been nearly 4 month i didn't update my blog.... Nothing special. Just busy with my kids. Three of them already starting their new life as student. Still struggling with my new office. (new ?.....) Got promotion (Lalalala...). Apa lagi........

Today i would like to share my bad experience with one of the famous bookstore in Klang Valley... K***K***** ... Few weeks ago, I'm searching a book with title "The best of Margaret Sherry" . I think majority of cross stitcher lover loves this book (or maybe we can called it magazine). I asked one of the sell girl there, then she try to help me by searching it from their database. Then she told me that they don't have this book. She recommended to me to refer at magazine department. 

At magazine department, I'm trying to get help from one of the staff. At first, he just ignore me with the busy face. When i called me for the third time and explain what actually i'm looking for, he starred at me and saying this  "We don't have that magazine. You should search at the magazine rack before asking me. Do you have the ISBN number?"

Hello...... I just know the title. I don't care about the ISBN number? How can I know the number if I don't have that book/magazine. Then if I have that book/magazine , why I'm standing there ??... Then when i told him "I don't know" ... He just said  "So, I cannot help you. You have to search it by yourself". Then he sit and saying something in chinese.... I'm so frustrated... Apa, dia ingat kita takde duit ker....

Today.... Senyum sampai ke telinga..... I had bought this mag from my pen-pal from UK. Puas hati. Itu pun , just 1 copy that available in that local book store at her place. Thanks Diane. 

Really love this mag....Lalalala....