Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Felt Fabric

Nowadays.... (actually lama dah...) felt become so popular. Boleh buat key-chain, wallet, tote bag and so many craft thingy that cute and adorable. Last year, I have ordered from one blogger to do  cupcake key-chain for my children and his friends, and its cost me nearly RM15 per key-chain. It's quite big actually. But, I.m very satisfied with the quality of the fabric, very colorful and cute.

sekadar gambar hiasan......

I bought quite a lot of felt from over sea... And would like to let go half of mine. So, whoever interested to have a pack of felt fabric (1 square ft) with if I'm not mistaken 42 colors, please click here or email to me   . Very limited stock.

Color mungkin berbeza dgn gambar hiasan di atas tetapi dengan 42 color tu..... I'm sure all the color in the world should be included kan.... Banyak tuuu ....