Friday, December 17, 2010

Label lagi

First of all,

Dear my friends, thanks for support me. I really appreciate it. here some order for last week.. design by the label's owner... Creative sungguh crafter kat Malaysia ni kan...

My Drearest friend, Mast with her GeDiKs

Thanks again !!!! XOXOXO


Thursday, December 16, 2010

My New Virtual Shop

Dear All...

I want to announce here that, I had open a new web just for selling my product. So, from today, this blog just only about my hobby, my sewing activity and my x stitching in progress... In my virtual shop, I have variety of fabrics, button, crochet product, label... (yu... huuu) ribbon and of my cross stitching kit.... Fell free to visit.

See you there !!! :)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mini Tote Bag

Last weekend, I challenge myself to do something else other than x stitch. Actually sewing also my hobby since I was  in standard four (or maybe five .... around 20 years ago). I start with a mini tote bag to replace my old one that already 'out of fashion' grrrr... And this is it...

TA DAAAA ......
How about that ? Any comment? I'm using heavy english cotton.

Can you see the small red apple... ;p that's my label... cute tak? I do it myself. One of my friend from Korea teach me how to do that. Sorry, I didn't put her blog here because she don't have one.


I also using soft black fabric for the inner. Well, I just realize that this picture snapped in front of my own blog.... BRAVO....

And guess what... In just few hour  I'd bring this bag to my office, I've got 5 orders from my fellow friends to have the same bag (of course different pattern of fabric la...) Rezeki, Allah bagi kan.... ALHAMDULILLAH...

Anyone interested?... Just visit my official shop (still under construction :( .. will mention later).


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Colorful Butterflies

Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah kepada semua umat Islam seantero dunia....

Today, i decided to start a new project. I called it as 'Colorful Butterflies'. I bought it nearly six months ago. I just can start now because I'm too bz with other commitments. Tak termasuk lagi beberapa tempahan pelangan (perseorangan & korporat) untuk xstitch ni.

I just finish my task as AJK for Family day organized by my office. So now, i just want to release tension and spend my time with my hobby.... Only with my hobby.... 

 Full Set Of this kit

The picture ...

The beautiful chart ...

The floss ...Wow... 

And ... Now, it 's start...

I wish I can finish it by a month or two. I really love the color. And the quality of the floss is good. I'm using 11 CT Aida fabric and the finish size would be around 51 x 51 square.

See ya...


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scenery Gallery

Dear All,

Some people asked me if i have kit/chart of scenery like mountain, river, garden or kampung. Yes I have. I have over 100 patterns to choose but really sorry, i don't have enough time to upload it. If anyone interested with something else such wallet, cushion pillow case or key-chain, just drop me a message at and i will mail my full catalog.
So now enjoy the scenery picture already in my stock.

CODE : FJ 1079
SIZE : 58 X 43 (11CT)

CODE : 60860
SIZE : 32 X 24 (14CT)

CODE : 60866
SIZE : 18 X 22 (14CT)

CODE : 1070 / FJ1052 / G12013

 PRICE : RM 55

SIZE : 66 X 44 (11CT)

CODE : 1068 / FJ1051 / G12012

 PRICE : RM 55

SIZE : 66 X 44 (11CT)

Till we meet again


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bunga Bunga Di Taman

Dear All,

Today , I want to share one xc stitched by one of my friend. Simple pattern but nice. She took quite long time to finish it because this picture have few back-stitch that really new to her... Actually, this one owned by my beloved sister in law. I have not enough time to stitch, so I asked KAK LEHA to help me... In other way, I help her to gain extra cash... why not. Nway, enjoy...

Credit to KAK LEHA !!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Completed Ribbon

Dear All,

Today I had completed my my "big Rose Wit Big Blue Ribbon".... Bravo !!! Congratulation to myself. I'm promise to finish it by a month and I succeed.  Hope you'll enjoy the picture

Any comment ? :)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear All....

Jeng... jeng...jeng...

Keputusan untuk Julai Giveaway... The winners are...

zai kulim
Em's family

So... kepada mereka mereka yang berkenaan.... sila emailkan alamat penuh ke I will post your chart as soon as possible so that you can start your stitching... Don't forget to mail to me the progress picture to me and sharing with our friends..

I want to let you know, masih ade lagi.... few... (tak leh cakap berapa la...) siapa yg nak lagi.... silalah be my follower..:) Glad to hear from all of you out there !!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tea Time ....

Dear All,

Today, I would like share my 'tea time' project. Actually it was finished by 27 of June 2010. I took around 5 months to finish it. Main-main ajer... I bought around January during my family vacation to China. I bought at Jinhua. It cost less than 60 yuan. But i'm really satisfied when it finished. 

I asked my husband to bring to frame shop . Before that... enjoy my 'tea time'

Just finish the ' tea time' wording

Finish produk. After remove the water erasable pen ... Look very nice . Especially the blue flower on the body of pot and cup. i'm planning want to put on my kitchen wall. 

See ya ! Till we meet again


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Work In Progress (WIP)


Today, i would like to share my latest WIP. Started yesterday 2nd of July 2010. Target to finish... don't know yet.. Maybe 1 month. ... Simple picture of flower bouquet with blue ribbon. Bought last Mei from Jinhua, China. Using 11CT aida fabric.

Actually, I just like the ribbon. Big blue ribbon. Before this, i'm selling this kit for RM 40. Last month, 2 set already bought by Nora from Kuantan and Zalina from Damansara. (Thanks dear . :) ) Then I decided to stitch this kit and challege myself if I can finish it by 1 month.... Bravo !...

So, enjoy....

The chart, see, nice right? So pretty and cute. Especially the blue ribbon

Start to stitch  2-July-2010, i started to stitch theblue ribbon

And today, 3-July-2010, after 2 days, the blue ribbon already have half

Enough for today, wait for next progress...