Monday, June 14, 2010


Salam and Dear All...

This is my first N3 for this week.

Today I feel so happy. I finish few design of Islamic Caligraphy. Nowadays, I realise it is really difficult to find the Caligraphy chart. I search every where including craft store or even online. But... maybe the 'demand' of this product so few so the manufacturer not interested to produce it.

But never mind, for those who loves islamic Caligraphy Design ...... I'm glad to give my new design for FREE...So, this is consider my first giveaway la.... :)

Both of above are separate chart but who those very lucky will have them both (chart only ya...) Believe it or not? Believe it !

But..... term 'n' condition (macam pertandingan besar pulak...) hehehe
(i)  must be my follower
(ii) must add my blog in his/her blog (if any)
(iii) agree to put his/her finish stitching picture in my blog (glamer you...)
(iv) base on first come first serve

is that so simple?... Of course it is. I only have 10 sets so the first 10 followers start from today, you are very lucky... you should be hurry.. Time is running. Tic.. Toc.. Tic.. Toc..

Announcement of the winner will be on mid July.



cicakgirl said...

Assalamualaikum kak niza :)
saya sertai!
hehe..kena buat entri di blog?

::Mamalyna:: said...

slam kak niza, i dah follow..

nizacraft said...

ok... tunggu..... bulai julai ek.... Nway, tq

zai kulim said...


Dah follow gak

Em's Family said...


saya dah follow yer :)

tiefazatie said...
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BUNGA said...

Salam perkenalan..
saya dah follow..
tq :)

Anonymous said...

Salam kak,

da join..mekacih ek

Anonymous said...
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Fina said...


yangbaik said...

salam, follow jugak, ada peluang lagi ker... huhuhuhuhu

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