Friday, June 18, 2010

Pangkor Island Beach Resort

At Pangkor... Hmmmm..... attending workshop of Microsoft Project. During night, i spend my time to reply all email regarding cross stitching. The BB coverage here quite 'teruk'. Mostly EDGE. The food.... Totally awesome especially for the person who food lover like me.. Hhuhuh..

FB? Hmmm... sometimes on sometimes not. Not enough time. 18 Jun 2010 (yesterday) my friend and I went out for shopping at Pekan pangkor. I bought T- shirt for me, my beloved husband and children. The price quite cheaper compare than at Lumut. I bought keychain for offmate and fridge magnet for my boss (jgn luper tu...)

'Ikan bilis' also main attraction in Pangkor. The price not too cheaper from other place but the quality is superb. The taxi (return) only RM40.... But huishhhh,... jalan macam ular kene palu...... Mabuk haku wei!....



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