Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Sew Along

Dear my wonderful friends,

I decided to join another sew along conducted by Kak Sue from MybotanG

I had learn the appliqué technic  quite some time. Admire with my mom craftwork, i started my appliqué wall hang around maybe 10 or 11 years ago.... Lama tu.... But, when find out my 'jahit susup' not as tidy as my mom, I stop after my first job. Funny huh... Hangat-hangat  **** ayam. :P.

But now, as you can see the appliqué technic become popular again and most of crafter combine it with quilting technic... So.... beautiful. One of my favourite shop who doing this appliqué is Cottage Patch at Ampang. Believe or not, I'm visiting this shop almost every month. And sometime, twice in a month.... Hahahah...  Tak beli pun tak pa, jamu mata jer...

Wish me luck !!!! :D



Eqin said...

gudluck!! hehe pasnie ley ajar faizah lak...>.<

Bella said...

Hola...t'ingin la nak wat handcraft jugak..cantik2 ja tgk..hehe, but lau sndiri nk wat i dunno how 2 start ..=.="

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