Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear All....

Jeng... jeng...jeng...

Keputusan untuk Julai Giveaway... The winners are...

zai kulim
Em's family

So... kepada mereka mereka yang berkenaan.... sila emailkan alamat penuh ke I will post your chart as soon as possible so that you can start your stitching... Don't forget to mail to me the progress picture to me and sharing with our friends..

I want to let you know, masih ade lagi.... few... (tak leh cakap berapa la...) siapa yg nak lagi.... silalah be my follower..:) Glad to hear from all of you out there !!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tea Time ....

Dear All,

Today, I would like share my 'tea time' project. Actually it was finished by 27 of June 2010. I took around 5 months to finish it. Main-main ajer... I bought around January during my family vacation to China. I bought at Jinhua. It cost less than 60 yuan. But i'm really satisfied when it finished. 

I asked my husband to bring to frame shop . Before that... enjoy my 'tea time'

Just finish the ' tea time' wording

Finish produk. After remove the water erasable pen ... Look very nice . Especially the blue flower on the body of pot and cup. i'm planning want to put on my kitchen wall. 

See ya ! Till we meet again


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Work In Progress (WIP)


Today, i would like to share my latest WIP. Started yesterday 2nd of July 2010. Target to finish... don't know yet.. Maybe 1 month. ... Simple picture of flower bouquet with blue ribbon. Bought last Mei from Jinhua, China. Using 11CT aida fabric.

Actually, I just like the ribbon. Big blue ribbon. Before this, i'm selling this kit for RM 40. Last month, 2 set already bought by Nora from Kuantan and Zalina from Damansara. (Thanks dear . :) ) Then I decided to stitch this kit and challege myself if I can finish it by 1 month.... Bravo !...

So, enjoy....

The chart, see, nice right? So pretty and cute. Especially the blue ribbon

Start to stitch  2-July-2010, i started to stitch theblue ribbon

And today, 3-July-2010, after 2 days, the blue ribbon already have half

Enough for today, wait for next progress...


Thursday, July 1, 2010

carnival .. oh ... carnival

Dear All.....

Wah lama gak tak update kat sini yek. Bersarang gak sekejap...

Nway, i want to share my new experience with Karnival WMC last weeks... The carnival quite  mmm how to explain eh ... sunyi kot... But actually good experience for me. The participants very nice. The AJK also work hard to promote all booth. The weather was good. But the sale.. huhuhuh.... just OK.

Ade beberapa peminat cross stitch yg datang. They are not only buy some stuff there but also get free tutorial from me. Certain of them were really enjoy cross stitching during their 10 to 20 last years ago but now maybe because of "no time" or "mata dah kurang nampak dik..."

Takpelah... pelan-pelan kayuh kata orang tua-tua kan....

So, enjoy the photo....


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