Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to my blog... I create this blog to share my hobby. I love craft. Yes I really do. Especially sewing and stitching. I also have few collection of cross stitch kit. Normally we have to spend around RM 70 to RM 100 to buy a pattern together with the Aida fabric and embroidery cotton floss. As we know, the cross stitch kit that welling outside is quite expansive. Some of that cost nearly RM 100 for a very simple pattern.

Here i bring to you beautiful pattern in varies series of flowers, fruits, scenery, cartoon and keychains. I also have pillow case and wallet that you'll never find it outside. Really excited right?

The kit is including beautiful and colorful pattern, Aida fabric (11CT @ 14CT), Cotton Floss (really shinning and adorable) and embroidery needle (very good quality).

The price?.... Ha... you'll never get outside. Believe me. I bought directly from factory so you will have very comfortable price.

Oh... one more, if you have your picture, i can transfer it to cross stitch pattern with very minimum price. You'll have complete pattern, cotton floss code. If you want to turn it into kit, also no problem....I'm glad to serve you

So.... enjoy!!!